Holly & Martin Brand Creation

Holly & Martin Screenshot

Project: Holly & Martin Brand Creation

Work Done: Naming, Logo, Website, SEO, Advertising, Social Media Strategy, Team Management

Link: http://www.hollyandmartin.com

Objective: Build a brand to differentiate Southern Enterprises, Inc.’s sub one million dollar accounts from the larger private label retailers. Holly & Martin was branded and designed as a contemporary, solution oriented furniture company with cues from the fashion industry and social media outlets such as Pinterest. A new high-key photography style was implemented and proprietary products were selected to further develop the brand.

Compartment Life Blog

Compartment Life Screenshot

Project: Compartment Life Interior Design Blog / Social Media

Work Done: Naming, Logo, Website, SEO, Advertising, Social Media Strategy, Management

Link: http://www.compartmentlife.com

Objective: Develop a social media strategy for Southern Enterprises, Inc., an unbranded furniture company, to boost their online presence and make use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and new social networks as they gain in popularity. Compartment Life was developed to fill this need and be the backbone for all social media outlets while providing engaging content to encourage audience participation.

Cool Gel Solutions Branding

Coolgelsolutions Screenshot

Project: CoolGelSolutions Development

Work Done: E-Commerce Website, Photography Coordination, Advertising, SEO, Social Media

Link: http://www.coolgelsolutions.com

Objective: Develop a website and advertising campaign to market the Coolerest Sleep Pad to niche audiences including the following conditions: Menopause, Obesity, Night Sweats, Epilepsy,  MS, Mito Disease, Down Syndrome, Dravet, and others. Manage campaign and show ROI with an established budget of $20,000 per month.